Penelope Georges

University Administrative Fellowship Mentor

Penelope Georges joined Princeton University in 2020 with the Council on Science and Technology. With a B.S., Ph.D., and postdoctoral research all in bioengineering, her career and education have been interdisciplinary, linking the natural sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics with engineering design. Dr. Georges’s main areas of research - the study of polymer and tissue mechanics and how the relationship with the mechanical environment can drive cell structure and function - contribute to the development of biocompatible materials for regenerative medicine through.

"A career in academia is multi-faceted and more intricate than what is learned at the laboratory bench. Being a good communicator of research interests is critical to connect how one’s work matters to people’s lives. It involves relating to public interest as a storyteller and, not surprisingly, it is a difficult skill to learn. The GradFUTURES program is a unique and invaluable opportunity to develop the student both personally and professionally to be a worthy academic citizen.

I look forward to learning and developing alongside the students and allowing the needs of the graduate student to identify how the Council on Science and Technology can better serve and engage students with its STEM+ offerings."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs: University Administrative Fellowship Program

Yes: I'm willing to be contacted by Princeton Graduate Students for an informational interview.