Paula Perez-Rodriguez, GS, SPL

Social Impact Fellow

Paula Perez-Rodriguez is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She holds a M.A. in Cultural Studies from University of Alcala and a B.A. in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from Autonomous University of Madrid. Outside of academia, she has been involved in different educational and artistic projects at cultural  institutions and publishers in Spain. Her research interests include literary and critical theory, book history, sociolinguistics, poetics, performance studies and studies on aurality and vocality. Her dissertation examines the cultural and material history of  literary and non-literary experimental publications in pre-civil war Spain (1909-1936) from a comparative perspective.

"I cannot speak good enough of the Social Impact Fellowships provided by GradFutures. Working with Princeton University Press during the summer is allowing me to see academic publishing from a refreshing angle, one that has allowed me to invigorate my faith in the need to bolster critical thinking. I can definitely see how a Social Impact Fellowship could be the practical impulse needed to push any graduate student to a field where their knowledge becomes meaningful in a way different to that of teaching." 
"GradFUTURES has shaped the way I relate both to academia and the possibility to pursue an alternative career after my PhD. The conversations held with James Van Wyck, Jonathan Aguirre, and many grad students participating in the programs, have offered me essential tools to develop a set of practical skills that have greatly broaden the possibilities of my professional future, both inside and outside the academic circles."