Noel Park, GS, MOL

Social Impact Fellow

Noel is a PhD candidate in molecular biology at Princeton University co-mentored by Dr. Joshua Rabinowitz and LSI fellow Shawn Davidson.

"I was able to explore careers beyond academia as soon as I got to Princeton University- the support system for career and professional development has been astounding. The GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowship program is a terrific opportunity to connect with people that will open your eyes to exciting professional avenues in the world. 

The GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowship at TechUnited NJ has opened my eyes to the plethora of startups and innovations happening right here in New Jersey. I was able to interact with people beyond my academic circle in different fields spanning from biotech to transportation, and worked alongside every team member of TechUnited NJ to gather insight into the businesses and helped recruit for their annual innovation festival. I am grateful to have worked with a wonderful organization that aims to empower innovators, entrepreneurs & instigators of New Jersey."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs: GradFUTURES Mentorship Program, GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowship Program

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