Michael Baysa, GS, REL


Michael is a doctoral candidate in the religion department where he focuses on the history of American religions. His research, titled "Print, Publics, and Puddings" examines the roles of eighteenth-century cultural media brokers, from ministers and missionaries to printers, booksellers, and editors, in shaping what constitutes consumable and publishable religion in colonial America.

"Learn broadly with equally curious peers! One of the best things I've done at graduate school has been to read and take courses outside of specialty of religion and history, and have conversations with scholars in STEM/Social Sciences, talking with them about big questions in my field and in theirs. It's challenging because I rarely felt like I knew enough or if I was even asking the right questions, but it cultivated a curiosity and confidence that has proven invaluable wherever I pursue my next intellectual curiosity.

I am very much looking forward to working with the folks at the Community College Teaching Fellowship!"

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