Meredith Martin

Faculty Director, Center for Digital Humanities
University Administrative Fellowship Program Mentor
Clio Hall Award Recipient

Meredith Martin is Associate Professor of English and the Faculty Director for the Center for Digital Humanities. She works on the history of poetic forms, educational and disciplinary history, historical poetics, and historical prosody.

She is also a mentor in the University Administrative Fellowship Program.

"A Ph.D. in the humanities no longer means an academic tenure track job, indeed, it hasn't for a very long time. As the Director for the Center for Digital Humanities and in my role as a graduate advisor for the English department, I want graduate students to see themselves as ambassadors for humanistic thinking and approaches, especially if they are hoping to work in industries that have anything to do with technology. If we're going to change hidden systems of bias in our society, we need to be close readers, skilled interpreters, and concise writers. We also need to know how to scope a project, manage teams, adjust for disruption, and become agile and flexible collaborative thinkers.

The graduate school professional development program at Princeton provides real world experiences for humanities Ph.D.s who will go into the real world -- a real world that may include academia, but certainly must be responsible for making academia relevant to real world problems and solutions."