Lynne Guey, GS, SPIA

Social Impact Fellow

Lynne Guey is a Masters in Public Affairs student at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, concentrating in International Relations and Tech Policy. She served as a Summer 2021 GradFUTURES Fellow with the Responsible AI Institute.

"The GradFUTURES AI Ethics Learning Cohort introduced me to machine learning and its wide-ranging social implications. Through the program, I learned to think more rigorously about the application of technology to various real-life scenarios. It’s provided an ethical lens for me to think critically about how our tools shape us.

One of my projects as a Responsible AI Institute GradFUTURES Fellow involved assisting the Department of Defense with a project to integrate responsible AI practices into its procurement process. This opportunity gave me the chance to direct my graduate studies towards helping an institution with a relatively under-the-radar but pressing issue."

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