Lian Zhu *19, CBE

University Administrative Fellow Alumni/ae

Lian Zhu earned a Ph.D in Chemical and Biological Engineering. She also completed University Administrative Fellowships in the Pace Center for Civic Engagement and the Council for Science and Technology.

"The UAF program not only gave me a glimpse into areas of the university (such as Pace Center for Civic Engagement or the Council for Science and Technology) that I would have never gotten to explore otherwise, but it also enabled me to grow additional skills.  I learned to code surveys and analyze results and pursue divergent interests such as hosting a science poetry reading or helping teach technology workshops at the local library.  The UAF program definitely gave me the opportunity to contribute to the University and thereby learn from it in diverse and rich ways that I think has helped me to grow my organizational and professional skills during my PhD in a way that added to those gained from research."

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