Larry Liu

University Administrative Fellow

Larry is a PhD student in sociology. His interests are in political, economic and labor sociology. What are the causes and consequences of automation of work? Present and past projects deal with the link between unions, trade shocks and robotization; the link between low-skilled migrant labor and robotization; the link between robotization and job training; the link between labor shareholder strength (pension funds) and worker outcomes; the work experiences of online gig workers; and activism around universal basic income. He completed an MSc (Comparative Social Policy) at the University of Oxford and a B.A. (sociology, economic policy) at the University of Pennsylvania. He blogs at

"The University Administrative Fellowship at the Survey Research Center allows me to take advantage of my social science research skill acquired in the course of my sociology graduate program and apply it to real-world social survey. This dual experience is made possible by the ample resources and networks at Princeton University. 

I am very grateful to GradFUTURES for providing current graduate students the opportunity to learn from professionals in higher education administration and thereby learn new skills and acquire new networks that are useful inside and outside of the academy. I learned about UAF from academic colleagues, who have reported positive experiences with it and I look forward to learn and grow from these experiences."

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