Kimberly Akano, GS, REL

University Administrative Fellow

Kimberly Akano is a Ph.D. student in Religion and a University Administrative Fellow with GradFutures. Using ethnographic and historical methods, Kimberly examines how the increasing presence of African immigrants in the United States transforms contemporary conceptualizations of Black religious identities. In particular, Kimberly considers how religion and migration influence the lived experiences of 20th and 21st century Nigerian immigrants as they negotiate questions of race, place, and belonging within a racialized U.S. context.

"With the support of my mentor, James M. Van Wyck, I am eager to coordinate the 'Graduate Education: Then, Now, Next' seminar series with GradFutures. Especially during this time when students, faculty, staff, and administrators are (re)evaluating the efficacy and significance of graduate education, I hope my work will foster honest reflections and imaginative dialogue. I also look forward to cultivating new opportunities for sustained collaboration within and beyond the university."