Kevin Villegas Rosales GS, ELE

GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Facilitator

I am Peruvian and came five years ago to Princeton University to start my PhD in the Electrical Engineering department. During my undergraduate years, I studied applied physics with an emphasis in nanotechnology. In my doctoral work, I explore how electrons arrange in unique patterns thanks to the dominant Coulomb interaction. In parallel to my journey at Princeton, I love to support Peruvian undergraduates through the REPU program ( Currently, I hold a leadership role in the nanotechnology branch of the program. These days I write my thoughts regarding my graduate school experience on my blog: (, where my theme is "what I wish I knew when I started graduate school."

"Over the years I realized that Princeton has a tremendous infrastructure to support graduate students. Through the combination of my own effort to seek help and this infrastructure I found support at different points along my journey.

Recently, thanks to Dean Amy Pszczolkowski, I embarked on the GradFUTURES Learning Cohort "Navigating Your First Year in Graduate School." As a facilitator, I have found a space to share my reflections, surprises, and experiences navigating my graduate studies at Princeton University. The first thing I said to Amy was that I wish this course had existed when I joined Princeton back in 2015! Nevertheless, I am excited to be part of this new GradFUTURES Learning cohort, in some sense, by connecting with them in their newly started journey."

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