Kerem Oktar

University Administrative Fellow

I am a PhD Student in Cognitive Psychology at Princeton University working with Tania Lombrozo and other members of the Concepts and Cognition Lab. Broadly, my research examines decision-making and mind-changing. I investigate which processes underlie how we act when faced with information that contradicts our previously held beliefs and opinions.

"I was not expecting the UAF experience to allow me to establish such genuine contact with a professional in a field that I’m extremely interested in. I’m glad that such an opportunity was made available to me. My UAF is in the User Experience Office (UXO) in the Office of Information Technology, and my mentor is Dr. Charlie Krietzberg.

I’m working on UX maturity. UX maturity refers to the level of understanding, appreciation, and implementation of user-experience (UX) strategy and tools in an organization. Mature organizations will implement these tools as a core part of their product development stages, resulting in the development of intuitive tools that people want to and can use effectively. We are attempting to measure the level of maturity within Princeton OIT through an instrument that I am currently working on developing."