Ken Igarza, GS, NEU

NSF-GRFP fellow, Falkner Lab, Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Ken Igarza is an NSF-GRFP fellow in Dr. Annegret Falkner's laboratory at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI), having previously studied and conducted research at Emory and Columbia University. At PNI, Ken studies how the brain generates drives that lead animals to seek social interactions and hopes to discover how these mechanisms go awry in neuropsychiatric illnesses. Beyond the lab both in his department and field, Ken is a leader who advocates for promoting an academic culture that supports and advances the training and well-being of scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. By combining his scientific and leadership skills, and learning about how these may be contextualized in unique careers thanks to professional development opportunities at Princeton, Ken hopes to one day create and pursue ventures to inspire long-lasting change! 

"Since learning that my skills as a scientist and student-leader could lead to my success as an aspiring entrepreneur, I have taken advantage of several opportunities offered by the Keller Center and GradFUTURES at Princeton. In my first year, I audited Shahram Hejazi’s EGR 395 course, Venture Capital and Finance of Innovation, all while learning from the founders of Fitz Gate Venture as a member of the GradFUTURES Venture Capital Learning Cohort.

Separately, in my second year I gained fundamental insight  on launching a startup from the inspiring leaders of the TechStars Innovation Bootcamp. Together, these professional development opportunities have empowered my entrepreneurial acumen, leaving me better equipped to continue shaping my career trajectory in the right direction!

GradFUTURES was a unique reason that I chose to attend Princeton, knowing it would provide me with practical exposure to alternative careers to academia. I knew I had chosen right when I joined the inaugural Venture Capital Learning Cohort. At the learning sessions, I learned about entrepreneurship and venture capital from the founders of Fitz Gate Ventures, a firm that heavily invests in Princeton founders, becoming equipped to understand every day jargon in the startup world."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs:

GradFUTURES Graduate Alumni Mentorship Program

GradFUTURES Learning Cohort

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