Katherine Thorpe, *20, ENG

University Administrative Fellow
Community College Teaching Fellow

Kate joined the Princeton English Department in 2013. She is a University Administrative Fellow in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, and a Community College Teaching Fellow.

Community College Teaching Fellowship:

"I learned so much through teaching at MCCC this last semester, and it was so helpful to have this experience under the expert guidance of a faculty member there (Nicole Homer)—regular meetings in the spring helped prepare me for the fall, and also were fascinating times to talk about different sorts of issues of pedagogy (an opportunity that often isn’t built into the precepting experience for the most part).

And then when faced with practical challenges, it was incredibly helpful to have multiple resources at the community college, and at Princeton, to think through solutions—the partnership with Sarah Schwartz at the McGraw center is also invaluable. It was such a wonderful way to learn to work with diverse students in a different sort of course than is offered at Princeton, but with a well-designed program and many different people to ask for guidance. A challenging experience became a really productive and helpful learning experience—I am really grateful to have a taste of teaching at a community college as I think about next steps."

University Administrative Fellowship:

"The UAF at the McGraw center has similarly been a wonderful taste of working in a teaching and learning center—an adjacent field to tenure track teaching. I cannot say what a wonderful experience it has been to work with Laura—she has truly taken the mentorship piece of this program very seriously (even asking us to write up a mentorship agreement, which helped me to reflect on my goals for the experience). She is supportive, encouraging, and eager to help me develop my interests and questions as I learn about possible careers in this field—I have really appreciated both the flexibility and structure of the program. And it has been wonderful to have another sort of “home” outside of my department on campus, and another community of people to meet and learn from—it has really extended and added to my learning as a graduate student at Princeton. I am so grateful for the program—and am excited to continue into the spring."