Karina Alexanyan

Director of Strategy, All Tech is Human
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor

Karina Alexanyan (Founder/CEO Humanication.io) is a social scientist and communications professional with 15+ years of experience at the intersection of technology, social impact, media and education. Her passion lies in helping educational and social impact organizations leverage emerging technologies for societal benefit, with a focus on issues related to respectful technology behavior and diversity, equity, and ethics in AI education and talent pipelines.

Karina has worked with Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia Universities, as well as social impact organizations such as Partnership on AI and the Me2BAlliance. She serves as an Advisor to two educational startups, has taught courses in communication and media studies at NYU and Stanford, and has published her academic research in international journals and books. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Columbia University.

She currently serves as Director of Strategy for All Tech Is Human.