Joshua Wallace *19, AST

Joshua Wallace earned a PhD in Astrophysics in 2019 and is a Space Systems Analyst with Stellar Science.

"I started graduate school at Princeton with the goal of pursuing an academic career in astrophysics, but about halfway through my program I realized that that was no longer what I wanted for my future career. I have found a job in industry that combines many of the aspects I enjoyed about my studies in astrophysics---space, telescopes, orbital mechanics, coding---and provided a career trajectory that was much more in line with my new life goals. I have been out of school for only a year, so much of my post-graduation biography is still yet to be written. Already though, one thing I have found ironic is that some of the work I have done in my job will indirectly have beneficial impacts for the study of astrophysics, so I'm still contributing to the academic field even though I am not actively pursuing a career in it.

Though my career goals at the end of my Princeton PhD were no longer the same as the goals I had when I started, everything I learned through my program has benefited me as I have moved into industry. My academic experience made me much more qualified for industry jobs than I realized.

Graduate Students: your academic studies have prepared you well for a wider variety of careers than you realize now."

Dr. Wallace is open to informational interviews from Princeton Graduate Students.

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