John Tully *12, CLA

Associate Director, Delivery Associates
Trailblazer Beyond the Tenure Track
GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup Speaker

John earned his Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton in 2012. Since leaving Princeton, John has worked for BCG in New York, Tokyo, and Rio. He is now an Associate Director for Delivery Associates, which partners with governments and other organizations around the world to improve people's lives. He leads their global Delivery Institute practice. John is a public sector change leader across Asia and the Pacific coaching ministers and senior officials to lead smarter and make change happen.

"I found my Ph.D. in Classics really useful. It's helped me think big. It's helped me think practically. And it's helped me find a good balance between data questions and the leadership and judgment questions that are so important for government these days. These are some of the things that inspire me and the reason that I'm really happy to talk with current graduate students. Nobody is more invested in your career than you are. Your job is to create a story that they can take to other people."

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