Jill Stockwell *17, COM

Mentor, University Administrative Fellowship Program

Jill Stockwell was previously a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton, affiliated with the Prison Teaching Initiative and the University Center for Human Values. As a postdoc, Jill managed the NSF-funded STEPs to STEM launch pilot grant, which aims to broaden participation in STEM fields among currently and formerly incarcerated people. Jill has taught literature and composition courses with PTI since 2013 and has coordinated humanities and social science programming since 2015. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and was a Fulbright and Social Science Research Council fellow. Her current scholarship uses literary and cultural artifacts to examine the troubled relationship between incarceration and democracy in the Turkish and American contexts.

She has mentored numerous University Administrative Fellows, including Avery Agles and Beryl Li.

"As one of the first offices on campus to have a UAF, the Prison Teaching Initiative has a long history of partnering with the graduate school to support graduate student professional development. To a person, every UAF we’ve worked with has been thoughtful and passionate, and has brought new energy and ideas to our program. UAFs have made a significant impact on our program. Simply put, we love our UAFs!"


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