Jessica Terekhov, GS, ENG

Community College Teaching Fellow
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker

I am a PhD candidate with a focus on Victorian fiction, not at all exclusively. My dissertation deals with wit in chapters that chart a course from the third Lord Shaftesbury to T. S. Eliot, refracting the term through Victorian and modernist social and literary criticism. I treat George Meredith as the novelist most germane to this work. Meanwhile, I am compiling a bibliography of originally part-issued Victorian novels in token of my long-standing interest in serialization and print history.

"Community college teaching fellows enjoy the privilege of working the adjunct routine with targeted support and without the usual adjunct burden. This makes the fellowship program a rare and valuable opportunity for professionalization.

I learned a lot from teaching ENG 101 at Mercer County Community College! It was a meaningful experience on a fundamental, scholarly level, besides being terrific preparation for the academic job sector. I'm glad I participated in the fellowship program 100%, and I remain extremely grateful for the invitation to join."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES programs: Community College Teaching Fellowship Program