Jessica Leung *19, ARC

Design Program Manager & Lecturer
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker

Jessica teaches human-centered design at Princeton University. Jessica’s mission is to help people co-create a world where solutions to societal problems take humans into consideration and are designed with empathy at the core. Through directing Keller Center’s Tiger Challenge and teaching ENT 200, Jessica guides teams of students in honing their creativity, developing confidence in tackling problems, and implementing innovative solutions that improve equity, environment, education, and health. Jessica holds architecture degrees from USC and Princeton University, and has worked extensively in Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and London in the years in between, designing a variety of things from LED lamps to climate parks to cruise liners.

"I often get asked, 'How did you end up doing design thinking?', or if the inquirer is more straightforward, 'What happened?' For someone who has almost a decade of architecture education and two degrees in architecture under my belt, my "switch" from an architect/designer who has worked in six cities in three continents to a lecturer and design program manager of Princeton's design thinking program and courses fascinates, and sometimes confuses people. My professional journey has never been one correct answer, but a continuous process of inspiration, ideation, and iterations. I believe in putting humans at the center in the design of anything, be it a building, or a solution to a societal problem.

I wish GradFUTURES existed during my time when I was a graduate student at Princeton. I could see the many ways that I would've benefited from what it offers. Nevertheless, I am very glad to be working closely with the Graduate School, especially GradFUTURES, through my current position at the Keller Center. This is such an important and incredible initiative for Princeton's graduate students, and I am beyond excited to be able to contribute to it."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by Princeton Graduate Students for an informational interview!

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