Jason McSheene *15, MOL

Associate Medical Director, ApotheCom

Jason McSheene, PhD graduated from the Department of Molecular Biology in 2015. He created and hosted the PhD in Progress Podcast for graduate students and postdocs interested in exploring careers within and beyond academia to promote personal and professional development. By pairing his experience in biomedical research with his enjoyment of science communication, he started a career in medical education and communications as a medical writer. Currently, Jason is an Associate Medical Director at ApotheCom, a global medical communications agency. He specializes in publication-based presentations and videos that explain essential information about clinical trials to health care professionals. In 2019, he ran a successful campaign and was elected to the Board of Education in Hamilton Township, NJ, serving as a school board member. Jason is proud to promote scientific literacy among his ideals of education, empathy, and equity.

"I have always been a huge fan of the GradFUTURES initiative. I am grateful to Duygu Coskatuna for an amazing conversation about graduate student life and careers. [Check that interview out here!]

Grad school offers many opportunities that you just don't see much of when you leave academia. I encourage all grad students to seize these chances to learn more and do more. You never know where they will lead you. If there is something interesting to you, learn more about it or participate in it. The boundaries we draw for ourselves in academic life can really restrain our potential to do something unique."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by Princeton Graduate Students for an informational interview! 

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