Jake Herb *17, CHE

Principal Scientist, Materials and Energy Technology Group, Physical Sciences, Inc.
University Administrative Fellow Alum

Jake Herb is a Principal Scientist in the Materials and Energy Technology Group at Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI). PSI specializes in developing and transitioning advanced technology from the laboratory to commercial and government use. Jake contributes to product development in the areas of advanced lithium-ion anode and cathode materials, as well as electrolyte formulation. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Materials Science in the lab of Dr. Craig Arnold at Princeton University, where he focused on the development of magnesium-ion batteries. He has expertise working in materials development, characterization, battery testing/evaluation, and scale-up. 

"My UAF experience took place in the Office of Technology Licensing, where I was mentored by Michael Tyerech and Laurie Tzodikov. There, I learned about the entire process of drafting provisional patent applications, licensing, and marketing intellectual property generated within the University. During my time in the program, I was able to meet with professors that I would not have normally interacted with and learn about their research. In addition, I took part in conversations with external companies that were interested in licensing Princeton IP. The UAF experience broadened the scope of career paths that I thought were possible with a PhD and provided me with valuable experience in getting to know all of the moving parts by which outside organizations can utilize the cutting-edge research generated within Princeton’s vibrant research community."