Isla Xi Han, GS, ARC

University Administrative Fellow
Social Impact Fellow

Isla Xi Han is a Ph.D. student in Architecture Technology and has been a University Administrative Fellow in the Office of Technology Licensing at Princeton University, and a GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellow at ChooseNJ. After earning her professional Master of Architecture degree from Princeton SoA in 2019, she worked as a Research Specialist at CREATE Laboratory to develop and implement novel cooperative robotic fabrication technology for masonry vaults (LightVault project). In early 2020, she co-founded an AI-powered tech startup, Diaring LLC, together with Princeton Computer Science graduate alumni. Her current research interests include multi-robotic construction systems and the human-robot cooperation in these scenarios.

"I am excited and grateful for the University Administrative Fellowship Program and cannot wait to explore the broader picture around implementing novel technologies in real-world scenarios. The University Administrative Fellowship offers Ph.D. students like me a path to grow both academically and professionally through mentorship and project-based experiences."

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