Isabela Muci Barradas, GS, ART

GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Participant
Community College Teaching Fellow
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Art & Archaeology focusing on modern and contemporary art from Latin America as well as the history of photography. My research and teaching interests include documentary photography, visual culture, experimental practices of the 1970s, environmental justice, and Indigenous studies.

On her Community College Teaching Fellowship:

"As a Community Teaching Fellow at Rowan College of South Jersey, I have been able to learn about the process of teaching in a community college as well as continue honing my pedagogical skills by developing and teaching an introductory art history course. In addition, as a mentee in the 2020-2021 GradFUTURES Mentorship Program, I have been able to grow professionally thanks to my mentor's ample experience in the field through conversations that range from strategies to improve online teaching to the craft of writing.”

On inclusive teaching:

"While participating in the Fall 2020 Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort, I developed an action plan focused on creating classroom environments that lend themselves to equity and accessibility, where students could feel a sense of belonging and empowerment while embracing their diverse backgrounds. I honed this plan through the skills I learned at the 2022 MLA Institute for Reading and Writing Pedagogy, devoted to anti-racist pedagogies and Indigenous populations. Finally, I managed to execute the action plan while teaching the History of Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design during Fall 2022.

While it is often difficult to measure the impact of inclusive teaching, I received positive and encouraging student feedback through anonymous teaching evaluations stating that the course achieved the goal of being thematically diverse, striving away from the traditional canon, and that the class encouraged students to openly participate and explore a variety of personal interests."

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