Ingrid Ockert, *18, HOS

Marketing Communications Coordinator, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

While at Princeton, Ingrid Ockert studied the history of science education on television (PhD in the History of Science). Fascinated by ‘hidden’ stories of science, Ingrid has written for Science, Physics Today, and Scientific American. She has organized public programs for the Science History Institute and Princeton University’s Council on Science and Technology. (She served as a UAF Fellow for CST between 2017 and 2018). Ingrid is also an alum of StoryCollider and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. Her work has been featured on WHYY’s The Pulse, PRI’s Innovation Hub, and Undark. Currently, as a part of Berkeley Lab's WD&E team, Ingrid assists with branding, communications content, and supports WD&E’s online engagement.

"The GradFUTURES University Administrative Fellowship Program provided me with the opportunity to try on a new identity as an outreach professional. As a fellow, I received incredible support and guidance from the Council on Science and Technology team. I felt like I found a second home on campus!

When I was preparing for graduate school, a professor advised me, "To thine own self be true." That's probably been one of the best pieces of advice that I've gotten, as I've tried to figure out my professional career.

When I was at Princeton, I took every opportunity that I could get to chat with people who I didn't know at all, but deeply admired, because I wanted to learn about their careers. I was so lucky - so many of them were willing to grab tea and share their life journey with me! Some of those same people became dear friends and incredible mentors to me.

My best advice? Be curious. Ask questions. And find the career that really resonates with you."

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs:

  • University Administrative Fellowship
  • GradFUTURES Forum

Yes, I am open to being contacted by a Princeton Graduate Student for an informational interview!



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