Hope Littwin, GS, MUS

Graduate Student, Department of Music (Music Composition)
Social Impact Fellow

American Composer and Music Producer Hope Littwin grew up in dance and theater before she took to music, first as a singer-songwriter then as a classical singer and now as a composer and music producer. She loves to collaborate with artists of all kinds on embodied, expressive works. 

Hope’s compositions fuse Chamber Music, Vocal Music, Electronics, Choreography and Storytelling.  She has been commissioned by Choirs, Chamber Ensembles, Theater and Dance companies to lead the creation of original works that pull from the idiosyncratic desires and abilities of the ensembles that she is engaged with. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Music Composition at Princeton University.

The Daily Princetonian says Hope Littwin's music explores the “euphoric realm, where the physicality of musical expression is fully embraced — where music is not only something we do, but something we are.”

Hope’s original works are available for streaming on band camp and YouTube, her Albums (can be found on Spotify/iTunes. Find Hope on Instagram @hopelittwin

My advice to grad students is to continue to come back to your personal statement as a tool to refocus your energies and efforts during your time here. 
Grad Futures has opened the doors for a lot of meaningful networking opportunities for me in the short time that I have been here. 

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