Hasan Hameed, GS, HIS

University Administrative Fellow

Hasan Hameed is a Ph.D. student in History, and a University Administrative Fellow with Campus Rec.

“My UAF is in Campus Recreation, which manages all the gym and sports facilities provided by Princeton University. My mentor is Jessica Ward, Director of Campus Recreation. I’m currently thinking of ways that Campus Rec can better serve the graduate student community, for instance, through suggesting improvements to the way that information is provided and through a survey designed specifically to get graduate students' feedback. Along the way, I've gotten to interact with people in departments as diverse as Professional Development and the Office of Undergraduate Student Life, giving me a much more nuanced sense of the complexity of the University and the range of different departments involved in serving the student community. The information has also allowed me to appreciate both how Princeton maintains its high standards and how the many stakeholders involved can sometimes make new changes not so easy as they may appear from a student's point of view!"