Hansen Tjo, GS, CBE

Professional Development Associate 2023-24

I am a 3rd year PhD Candidate in CBE and 2023-2024 GradFUTURES Professional Development Associate. Advised by Prof. Jonathan Conway, my research focuses on engineering the extremely thermophilic, non-model bacteria Caldicellulosiruptor bescii for producing biofuels. 


Thanks to GradFUTURES, I interned at MilliporeSigma before matriculating at Princeton, which was a great first exposure to working in the pharmaceutical industry. Working in the Analytical Chemistry division under a great supervisor, I had the chance to see firsthand what scaled-up lipids manufacturing for mRNA vaccines looked like in industry. Now being halfway through graduate school, I'm excited to help provide fellow students with ample opportunity to similarly explore a wide range of professional careers through networking and skill-building events.

Research is very time consuming, but I think pausing briefly to consider what you would like to do after graduate school, and how to acquire the skills needed to get there, can make an especially big difference.