George Khoury *15, CBE

George Khoury joined ExxonMobil Research and Engineering in 2015 following a PhD/MA from Princeton and a BS/MS from Penn State in Chemical Engineering. George served as a student rep the board of trustees at Penn State and was president of a multi-campus student government in my senior year, continuing to serve as President of the Graduate Engineering Council and as a member of the Priorities Committee of CPUC. George has been involved in various technology/innovation activities while at EM, most notably developing the i-Predict tool which has been leveraged by many throughout the company to yield >$50M/yr of benefits at 8 manufacturing sites worldwide. George received ExxonMobil’s “Analytics Influencer of the Year” award in 2018 for his work developing inferentials and “Big Data” process control support following Hurricane Harvey for Baytown and Beaumont and was most recently named as one of AIChE's 35 Under 35 in the Innovation/Entrepreneurship category. In 2018 George moved to Beaumont and served as an Applications Engineer for 2 Crude Units developing a roadmap for value capture that was relentlessly pursued and ultimately completed (>$40M/yr). George worked across interfaces with the machinery team to develop a vision of how to integrate machinery data with our process data, so we can proactively mitigate potential pump/compressor issues. George backfilled coordination as the black oils/lubes coordinator, and was a First Line Supervisor for the Hydrocracker Turnaround as the Catalyst coordinator. In his current role, he supervises a team of 13 engineers covering the Hydrocracking, Reforming, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Alkylation, Isomerization, and light ends distillation units.
Beyond work, George has been heavily involved in the United Way – he served as area Campaign Co-Chair and BMRF Lead for our 2019 UW Campaign resulting in the complex exceeding their target at $611K raised. He also led the team to hold 13 days of caring, amassing 1000+ volunteer hours and donating $12.5K in VIP grants.

"Princeton gave me the mentorship through my advisor, a strong set of fundamentals through my department, and a network of caring and engaged faculty that set me up for success beyond graduate school. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Princeton and learn from world class researchers and peers every day.

Don't feel limited by your degree concentration or typical roles - if you are passionate about an area, pursue it fully and relentlessly."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by a Princeton Graduate Student for an informational interview!

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