Geneva Stein *14, MOL

GradFUTURES Virtual Meetup Speaker

Geneva Stein earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Princeton in 2014. She is now an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences at Minerva  Schools at KGI. Before this she was the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Learning Programs at Princeton University where she also served as a lecturer in Molecular Biology. 

"One common thread in my experience in research, outreach, education, and administration is my desire to improve how we learn.  Recently, this has included working as an instructor, and in educational development, learning support and inclusive teaching. I have a procedural mind, honed by my many years of experimental and large project design and execution. This has allowed me to manage, facilitate and lead multiple programs and projects, and enjoy the process as well as the human (vs. model organism) interactions.  I am excited to have joined Minerva Schools at KGI as an Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences where I teach scientific thinking and analysis, and study how students learn in specific contexts. At home I have two young children, a spouse and a dog.  I also love to cook and bake and recently learned how to make some fancy cakes."

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