Eugenia Liakaris

Head of Client Success, Americas at Cappfinity
Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort Speaker

Eugenia Liakaris spent much of her career changing minds of people to recruit talent differently, using indicators such as employment outcomes and essential skills to help change the way potential talent is recruited out of school, as well as experienced hires. As the Head of Client Success, Americas at Cappfinity, Eugenia is incredibly proud to be part of an organization that truly helps organizations assess talent authentically and in an un-biased way, being evidence-based, data-led and dedicated to increasing social mobility. Eugenia serves this aim by bringing amazing solutions whilst leveraging her strengths in listening, unconditionality and moral compass. She is passionate about setting up people (and their teams) for success through a strengths-based approach.

Prior to Cappfinity, Eugenia effectively led change at NYU building the Wasserman Center for Career Development in the School of Professional Studies from the ground up. Recognized for: developing an award winning team, creating the first school-based outcomes survey that served as a benchmark for all graduate student outcomes, co-developing a virtual asynchronous internship curriculum blending academic and career development goals, as well as launching a career wellness model that pivoted candidates to 'own' and be proactive in their career journey - along with the many twists and turns that it takes.

Eugenia has also spent significant time partnering with organizations from start-ups, not-for-profits and organizations across the globe on topics such as developing talent pipelines on-campus, building brand and job awareness for candidates, best practices for recruiting and retaining talent and essential skill development while becoming keenly knowledgeable of their business needs.

Eugenia served as a frequent mentor and resource on building a career wellness mindset from individual to institutional perspectives. And is a grateful coach who has worked with hundreds of candidates advance their careers in a wide variety of industries.