Elena Peregrina-Salvador *15, SPO

Head of Group Finance Platform & Consumer Financing Products, Vodafone
Mentor, GradFUTURES Graduate Alumni Mentorship Program

Dr. Elena Peregrina Salvador specializes in strategy and revenue management in the Digital/ Startups and Telecoms sectors. Currently, she works as Head of Group Finance Platform & Consumer Financing Products, Vodafone, one of the top 10 telecoms corporations in the world. Prior to Vodafone, she was part of the Corporate Strategy team at 3 Hutchinson UK, and before then she held several positions at Groupon International where she led the Pricing and Promotions teams, as well as the implementation of commercial products and personalization algorithms across EMEA markets.

Dr. Peregrina Salvador's dissertation delved into the interplay between Literature and Photography and how photography has shaped the way we conceive history, memory, and time among other fundamental notions. While at Princeton, she ran the Women and Gender Colloquium on campus and worked as an RGS for the former Wilson College. She has also edited two books on Spanish poetry and published several academic articles.

Originally from Spain, Dr. Peregrina Salvador loves exploring new places and cultures. On weekends, she enjoys getting lost in a good book or an art exhibit after brunch. She currently lives in London (UK) with her family"Don't be afraid to ask and explore what is it that you really want to do. Do not limit yourself or allow others to limit you, but be always mindful of the reasons why you decided to embark on your dissertation journey in the first place.

"Talking to alumni while I was at Princeton, I felt empowered and realized that there were many challenges outside of academia that I wanted to explore. Later I have constantly pushed myself to grow and go further, learning new skills across industries (data analytics, marketing, strategy, telecoms, etc.), but I must confess that nothing in my professional career compares to how hard and difficult my dissertation was. Earning my Ph.D. taught me that there is nothing that you cannot do if you set your mind to it, work hard and believe in your own ability to deliver.

Do not be afraid to dream and think differently, and don't question your ability to do something else just because you have not done it before or have not received formal training for it. Ask as many questions as you want/ need to. There is a big network of alumni and members of the Princeton community willing to help you.

I have throughly enjoyed my experience as a mentor, been able to connect with extremely interesting and accomplished people, eager to go further, do more, explore and see the world differently. I love discussing their ideas, getting to know them while trying to support and advise them through their professional and personal journey. It is energizing and inspiring in many ways. Being a mentor has also allowed me to go back in time and reavautate my gradute and professional experience to date, putting many things into perspective. It has also brought up many fond memories of my time at Princeton and how special is to be part of the Princeton family."

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