Cornelia Huellstrunk

Executive Director, The Keller Center
Professional Development Working Group Member
University Administrative Fellowship Mentor

Cornelia Huellstrunk is the Executive Director of the Keller Center. She also is a member of the Professional Development Working Group, as well as a Mentor in the University Administrative Fellowship Program.

From the Keller Center Website:

What are your responsibilities at the Keller Center?

As the administrative head of the Keller Center, I play a critical role in developing the Center’s strategic direction, kicking off new initiatives and overseeing the Center’s day to day operations encompassing a broad portfolio of curricular/ co-curricular initiatives. In my role as the Executive Director, I focus on ensuring that the Center has the people, the space, the financial resources and the connections on campus and beyond that it needs to succeed.

What attracted you to the Keller Center?

The Keller Center builds bridges between people, ideas as well as between academia and the world beyond it. By doing so, the Center helps emphasize the importance of thinking and working in an interdisciplinary way and illuminates non- traditional & novel pathways for students. As someone who pursued a non- traditional pathway which included pursuing disparate fields of study (architecture/ economics) as well as studying and working abroad for over 15 years, and working in academic as well as corporate settings (semiconductor industry for 12 years), I’ve personally experienced the value of creative connections between people, ideas and approaches.

What advice would you have for students about getting involved at the Keller Center?

The Keller Center takes great care to ensure that it reaches every interested student by having programs/ initiatives that meet students where they are at in their entrepreneurial journey through Princeton. The Center offers a range of programs for the experienced to the uninitiated students eager to learn how to creatively apply their in-classroom learnings to real measurable impact in the world through innovative education, entrepreneurship and design. Most importantly, the Center offers a supportive community for all students eager to create solutions to some of the worlds’ most intractable challenges.