Colette Johnson *18, ENG

Chief Program Officer and Director of Operations, Freedom Reads
Clio Hall Award Recipient

Colette Johnson is the Chief Program Officer and Director of Operations, Freedom Reads.

Colette received her PhD in 2018 from Princeton University, where she conducted original interdisciplinary research examining the rise of child psychology in the 20th-century. Her research studied the flow of ideas from clinical and academic research into public policy and broader societal norms, including how theories about children were translated into programs and treatments that impact children through educational policy, health policy, and international affairs.

She has experience in higher education administration, serving on Princeton University committees that provided consultative insights to the president and board of trustees on public relations, the operating budget, and stewardship of Princeton’s endowment. At present, she is a member of Princeton’s alumni council executive committee and chairs a committee on career and professional development for Princeton alumni. She has an MA in English from Princeton University, and BA degrees in art history and English from the University of California Irvine.

"The world needs more humanities PhDs in every industry. Diversity of thought and perspectives are crucial to advancing diversity and inclusion. Humanities PhDs have leadership roles to play in solving complex problems that require input from diverse groups of stakeholders.

The programming that GradFUTURES offers is needed by graduate students, who are recognizing the broad value of their training, and want to find careers that allow them to engaged with values and career paths within and beyond the academy.

The Princeton alumni network is an incredibly powerful resource, and alumni want to connect with students."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by a Princeton Graduate Student for an informational interview!

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