Clarissa Ding, GS, CHE

Professional Development Working Group Member

Clarissa Ding is a PhD candidate in Chemistry, where she studies the structure and dynamics of catalytic materials using computational methods and neural network. In addition to research, she enjoys reading, painting and working on data science projects.

"GradFUTURES professional development newsletters always have a wealth of resources for professional and personal development. I personally really enjoyed the Mentor Collective program, where I was connected to an alumna who works in the industry I'm interested in. I highly encourage all the graduate students to take advantage of these amazing programs at Princeton.

I am also a member of Professional Development Working Group, where I serve on the External Relation team. It's been wonderful meeting so many people interested in the professional development and holistic success of graduate students. I'm grateful for all the programs that have been implemented and look forward to participating in the development of more!"

I have participated in the following GradFUTURES Programs: