Christopher Caterine

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After earning a PhD in classics from the University of Virginia and teaching at Tulane, Christopher Caterine left academia for a job at a corporate consulting firm. During his career transition, he went on more than 150 informational interviews and later interviewed twelve other professionals who had left higher education for diverse fields. Drawing on everything he learned, he wrote his book 'Leaving Academia', which helps PhD students chart their own course to a rewarding new career. He tweets at @clcaterine.

"I was already teaching full-time when I realized the academic life I'd sought so desperately was out of reach. Actually, it was a mirage. Informational interviews revealed a world of jobs that were more attractive and better suited to my skills--and helped me escape the paralyzing identity crisis that accompanied my departure from academia.

I can't wait to present my book, 'Leaving Academia', to the GradFUTURES community. It is the product of my own, difficult experience with self-doubt and uncertainty, one I know many of those involved with GradFUTURES with have shared. I'm excited to share my insights about how informational interviews and strategic planning can pave the way, not just to a new career future, but also improved self-confidence and understanding."

Yes, I am open to being contacted by a Princeton Graduate Student for an informational interview!

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