Chapman Sklar, GS, REL

University Administrative Fellow, PCLS

Chapman joined the Islamic studies subfield within the Department of Religion in 2019, having earned her BA in Religion at Washington and Lee University in 2015.  Her research examines how the spread of Western medicine and the development of public health as a field impacted Muslim identities during the British Raj. In the fall of 2022 she will be the University Administrative Fellow in the Princeton Center for Language Study. Prior to coming to Princeton, she lived in Jordan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and spent many months in language intensives in France and the Middle East. She hopes to use her background in language study to contribute to PCLS’s wide-ranging programming for both students and staff.

"Grad school is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and fine-tune your experience to fit your interests. Even if your department is training you to be one type of scholar, there's no shame is considering alternative career paths inside (or outside!) higher education. The UAFs in particular are a great opportunity to dip your toe into something new or build your resume beyond published papers and conference talks. At best, you may find the type of role you will pursue after graduation. At worst, you'll come away with a newfound appreciation for the administrators who make life outside the classroom so vibrant. "