Beryl Li GS, CHM

University Administrative Fellow

Beryl is a PhD student and a University Administrative Fellow in the Prison Teaching Initiative. Beryl grew up between Beijing, Vancouver, and Santa Rosa, California, before attending UC Berkeley to pursue her undergraduate degree in chemical biology. At Cal, she worked on the total synthesis of C19 diterpenoid alkaloids in the lab of Professor Richmond Sarpong. She then worked in Genentech’s process chemistry department, where she focused on methodologies to synthesize tetrasubstituted all-carbon olefins (TACOs). After Genentech, Beryl ventured out to the east coast for the first time in her life, and joined the MacMillan lab at Princeton. Outside of lab, Beryl enjoys exploring good food, visiting museums, watching movies, and the occasional puzzle hunt.

"The UAF has been a great platform to offer insight into the intricate gears that run a university. I’ve learned a lot beyond my primary research field, not only with the Prison Teaching Initiative, but also with other disciplines such as intellectual property or university communications."

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