Barry Lam *07, PHIL

GradFUTURES Forum Presenter

Barry Lam received his BA in Philosophy and English at the University of California, Irvine (2001), and his defended his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton University in December of 2006. He produces a story-driven podcast about philosophy called Hi-Phi Nation.

From Slate podcasts, Hi-Phi Nation begins with a story, and seeks to extract big ideas, unquestioned assumptions, and unexamined conflicts in those stories. We then engage in an exploration of those ideas, assumptions, and conflicts with philosophers and other scholars. It is the first show weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design. The show is written, edited, and produced by Barry Lam. Barry is an alum of UC Irvine and former program director and general manager at KUCI 88.9FM.

A Ph.D. in philosophy at Princeton University, Barry is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College. Hi-Phi Nation has received critical acclaim at the GuardianHuffington Post, Indiewire (123), and lots of other places. For Slate podcasts, June Thomas is managing producer, TJ Raphael is senior producer, and Gabriel Roth is editorial director. Support has been made possible by the Whiting Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, the Humanities-Writ Large Fellowship, the Frances Fergusson Technology Fund, and the Eleanor Nims Brink fund. Barry also gives intensive workshops in podcast production, particularly for philosophers, professors, and higher-education media producers. 





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