Austin Edwards, *23, MPP, SPIA

Senior Policy Counsel at Salvation and Social Justice

Born in Trenton NJ, Mr. Austin Edwards saw some of the issues that are fairly normal in an inner city, involving poverty, homelessness and food insecurity, which stem from economic instability. He went to college at Howard University and earned a Juris Doctor (JD) from Howard Law, before gaining experience in Washington, D.C., working on Capitol Hill, for various federal alphabet agencies, for the U.S. Coast Guard, and in the judicial system. He moved back to Trenton and worked at the Attorney General's office, first working on economic issues such as financial fraud and litigation issues. He then became involved with police reform, accountability, and community policing. Those experiences solidified his passion lies in direct experiences with people and directly serving the community. He earned MPP in Urban Policy from Princeton’s SPIA in 2023, Austin is currently Senior Policy Counsel at Salvation and Social Justice which focuses on the important work in the areas of Black maternal health, workforce development, policing alternatives, housing, and many other community-led initiatives in Trenton and throughout NJ!