Annabel S. Lemma, GS, CBE

Professional Development Associate 2019-20

Annabel Lemma is a Ph.D. student in chemical and biological engineering, and a Professional Development Associate charged with working with graduate students in the Natural Sciences

Annabel is a Ph.D. candidate in  Chemical and Biological Engineering and a Professional Development associate supporting graduate students in Engineering. Annabel is originally from Ethiopia and her Ph.D. work focuses on understanding the physiology of bacterial persisters. Annabel earned her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University and has growing interests in public policy and entrepreneurship. She hopes to integrate science, policy and entrepreneurship and devise ways to increase healthcare access in sub-Saharan Africa. 

In addition to the Professional Development associate post, Annabel is working with the office of Program for Access and Inclusion as a Graduate administrative and co-curricular fellow. She has also worked with the Office of Undergraduate Research as a graduate instructor and is a member of the Council of the Princeton University’s Committee on Naming. As a professional development associate, Annabel hopes to further understand the specific needs of engineering students in-terms of Professional Development, communicate the findings to the Graduate school and organize tailored programming.

"What programming do you want to see from the Professional Development office? I am always happy to listen to your inputs and discuss ways in which we all can better shape our futures. Feel free to email me or connect on LinkedIn! "