Anna Jacobson, GS, QCB

President, Princeton Citizen Scientists

I am a third-year graduate student in the department of Quantitative and Computational Biology. Most of my work is done in collaboration with the ZERO Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I do optimization of energy systems models; currently, I aim to make these models faster and more accurate through mathematical decomposition. Long-term, I hope to apply my expertise towards a career in energy policy in Washington D.C.

My career has involved a number of 180-degree pivots as I approach the work in climate policy that feels the most impactful to me. This path has necessitated a great deal of deeply rewarding interdisciplinary discourse. I am inordinately grateful for all of the passionate and motivated co-workers I've met along the way.

'It has been clear to me since arriving on campus that Princeton is teeing me up for success after graduation. Programs like GradFUTURES have prepared me for personal and professional life beyond the Princeton campus far better than I had expected at the time of my matriculation. Resources are available and enormously helpful - I'd very much encourage any graduate student here to pursue them as fully and frequently as possible.'

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