Andrew Finn, GS, ENG

University Administrative Fellow
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker
Clio Hall Award Recipient

I am the current Vice President of the Graduate Student Government, a University Administrative Fellow, and an English Department PhD Candidate who specializes in medieval English literature.

I have also served as a University Administrative Fellow with Princeton Research Day.

I am a PhD Candidate in the English Department. I’m originally from California, but my studies have taken me far from my hometown! Before coming to Princeton in 2017, I received my BA from Colby College in Maine and then went to University of Oxford in England for my Master of Studies in Medieval English Literature. In my research, I focus on late medieval English religious poetry and vernacular theology. My dissertation explores how penitential lyrics lay bare complex, philosophical issues at the root of penitential thought and practice—in particular, issues related to the repetitious nature of penitence after the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215. I examine not only how these lyrics would have helped late medieval people become contrite, enact confession, and achieve satisfaction in ways that only poetry can, but also, how they help us better grasp these phenomena and their significance today. 

Previously, I’ve served on the English Department’s Graduate Action Committee as the Academic Affairs Chair, on GSG as Academic Affairs Chair, and on the Wintersession Advisory Committee. I have also been involved in gradFUTURES as a University Administrative Fellow for Princeton Research Day. Currently, outside of GSG, I am a UAF Communications Fellow in the English Department and serve on the Proposals Committee for Wintersession. Outside of my academic, GSG, and gradFUTURES work, I like to go on runs, hike, read comics, play video/board games, watch movies, shows, and documentaries, as well as explore museums and historic downtowns.

"My participation in the academic side of Graduate Student Government and the English Department's Graduate Action Committee have together fostered my desire to more deeply explore the administrative side of the Princeton academic experience. Since joining the UAF program, that desire has been met: getting an inside glimpse into and working on expanding Princeton's offerings of inter-departmental collaboration and platforms for sharing student research has been an enriching experience.

I am a University Administrative Fellow for Christine Murphy and Pascale Poussart. Working with them on various aspects of Princeton Research Day, with a particular focus on expanding humanities participation, has been deeply rewarding. Furthermore, I look forward to using Princeton Research Day as a platform for thinking further about ways in which Princeton can provide meaningful platforms for undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs to share their hard work and efforts with one another in a collaborative, supportive environment."

On his 2023 Clio Hall Award

It has been such a joy to work with the gradFUTURES team the past several years. The gradFUTURES work is not only for my department, but also for the entire campus community, particularly for graduate students. Graduate students are the population I'm really passionate about and really dedicated to, and it's going to be part of my career going forward.

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