Amy Pszczolkowski

Associate Director, Graduate Career Development & Alumni Relations, SPIA
Co-chair, GCC Professional Development Committee
Clio Hall Award Recipient

Amy Pszczolkowski has worked in the field of career and professional development for over 25 years. In 2008 she joined Princeton University and began building the career and professional development offerings for graduate students through the Center for Career Development at the University and served as assistant dean for professional development in the Graduate School for five years. She recently transitioned to a new role in Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs serving on the career development and alumni relations team in a full life-cycle position with responsibilities from admissions to annual giving and providing leadership to the career development and alumni relation programs and initiatives. Amy was a founding board member for the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) and served six years on the Executive Board as secretary, president-elect, president, and past-president (twice). She currently serves as the co-chair of the GCC Professional Development Committee.

Amy received her BA from Allegheny College and her MS from Miami University of Ohio. 

"Fundamental to strong career and professional development is continual evaluation of your skills/strengths, interests and values and how they align to the position and organization where you work. I recently made a job transition myself through  a lot of self-reflection on what is most important to me in my work life. Don't be afraid to explore and be patient for the right opportunity to come along. And I would remiss not to mention mentorship and the important role mentors have played in my professional career and also networking. Be fearless and professional in building a strong Princeton network for yourself."