Amy Aines

CEO, Damianakes Communications
Author, Championing Science
Championing Science

Amy Aines is a communication strategist, speaker, coach, and trainer who builds career success skills. She teaches graduate students and postdocs at universities and government agencies how to simplify the complex, engage listeners, foster productive relationships, and make a bigger impact with their work. Amy is CEO of Damianakes Communications, a consulting firm she founded in 1999, and co-author of Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers, a ‘how to’ book based on her four decades of work with scientists and engineers in the wireless, tech, and biotech industries. 

A former telecommunications executive, Amy's industry roles have run the gamut from corporate spokesperson for $10B company, to culture and brand builder, technical writer, employee motivator, change manager, media trainer, workshop designer, and speech writer, and speaker coach. She’s had the good fortune to work with leaders at global giants and startups including AirTouch, Genentech, McKesson, BioMarin, Gilead, Cisco, Stoke Therapeutics, Exelixis, Vodafone and numerous emerging tech and biotech firms. When she’s not teaching, Amy volunteers for the STEM Advocacy Institute, Beyond the Ph.D., and Quest Science Center, and enjoys singing with the Stay at Tone Moms.

"Before you graduate, gain real-world experience and start building relationships with people who can help you open doors. Pay close attention to the culture of a workplace before you accept a job offer and don't stay in a job long if you don't feel respected or don't respect the people in charge. I only worked with leaders who had tremendous integrity and valued my contribution. You deserve the same."
"What I sense is that when you're a graduate student, you feel overwhelmed by all the things on your 'I have to do this' list. However, if you really want to prepare for your future, the skills imparted through these workshops are essential. People need to think about it that way instead of thinking, 'Oh, I don't have time for it.' I've spent decades in industry, and the people who make a bigger impact are the ones who learned those vital skills, which in the past were considered ‘soft.' They're not soft, they're essential. They're essential because we're people, and unless we can connect at a people-level and understand how to have conversations with people, we can't make as much of an impact.

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