Abigail Sargent, GS, HIS

Community College Teaching Fellow

Abigail Sargent is a Ph.D. candidate in History and a 2020 Community College Teaching Fellow at Camden County College.

Abigail Sargent is a medieval historian working on the rural world in thirteenth and fourteenth century England and France. Before coming to Princeton, she did her bachelor's degree at Gordon College (MA), where she discovered the wonders of academic history, and her master's at Fordham University, where she discovered the wonders of illegible medieval documents. While she enjoys research, she ultimately hopes to teach. She is excited to learn about teaching and to teach independently this year through the Community College Teaching Fellowship, and looks forward to exploring a new academic setting. 

Princeton Advisor: William C. Jordan, [email protected]

Camden Mentor:  Nicole Jacoberger, PhD [email protected]