XPRIZE Alliances Communications GradFUTURES Fellowship

The GradFUTURES Fellowship program offers highly curated experiential opportunities for graduate students at organizations who have partnered with the Graduate School. The fellowship opportunity below is currently accepting applications. All GradFUTURES Fellowships will be conducted in accordance with Princeton, local, state, and federal COVID-19 guidelines.

To be considered, applicants must be currently enrolled Princeton graduate students in good academic standing and meet all application criteria on the application form found below.

XPRIZE GradFUTURES Fellowship Job Description

The XPRIZE Foundation designs and operates global prize competitions to incentivize the development of radical technology for the benefit of humanity. Since its founding in 1994, the organization has launched twenty competitions in the domains of Space, Oceans, Learning, Health, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Public Safety and Robotics.

Our first XPRIZE, the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for private spaceflight, spurred an industry and created exponential breakthroughs. Since then we have launched over $140 million in prize purses, including the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE, the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, and the $1.4 million Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup XPRIZE. Each of these prizes has created an industry-changing technology that brings us closer to a better, safer, more sustainable world.

XPRIZE is excited to offer a GradFUTURES fellow the opportunity to learn and grow by supporting the XPRIZE Alliances which leverage a robust network of partners to accelerate innovation to fight COVID-19, advance racial equity and advocate for the ethical use of AI. The fellow will work closely with XPRIZEs’ Vice Presidents of Alliances and Partnerships, as well as Marketing staff, on projects supporting the foundation's public relations, content development and communications strategy. The XPRIZE GradFUTURES fellowship will prepare the selected fellow with an understanding of the global innovation ecosystem, identify and develop original content leveraging XPRIZE’s vast ecosystem of partners and craft “Future Positive” stories and messaging for Alliance projects highlighting the use of technology for social good. The fellow will also gain an understanding of the prize incentive model for crowdsourcing innovation to solve humanity’s grand challenges.


  • Identify story opportunities within the Alliance’s portfolio of projects
  • Support the creation of original content and marketing collateral to promote the Alliance and its outputs to a range 
  • Identify and engage health innovation thought leaders and influencers in Alliance domains
  • Track and report on media mentions and other marketing metrics
  • Produce data visualization and other communication assets


  • Marketing strategy
  • Online community management
  • Graphic design 
  • Media production
  • Journalism
  • Relationship management
  • Ability to work independently and project manage while working remotely
  • Written communications skills with both internal and external audiences
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and the Google suite of products

GradFUTURES Fellowship Information Sessions and Related Events

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Hear from Current and Former Fellows & Mentors!

Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
"[T]his experience helped me form meaningful working relationships with other historians, and has been helpful in framing my prospectus for my dissertation. I am still exploring both academic and non-academic career tracks, and this internship experience was helpful in seeing what possibilities there were for a career outside of academia."
Leanne Clark-Shirley
Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership

"As ASA is largely reimagining and rebuilding its programs, we felt this was the perfect time to bring on a different, unique perspective to help shape our work. Having Pallavi Podapati's knowledge and experience in disability is adding so much value to our work on the intersections of ageism and ableism."

Jessica Dheere '93
Director of Ranking Digital Rights, New America

"My career trajectory is far from predictable, from art history and Latin American studies to internet policy and the Middle East. But art history taught me how to look closely at things and describe what I see, rather than what I expect to see. Latin American studies, including a semester abroad in Mexico and a lot of other travel, taught me how interconnected we all are. In my career and in my life, I aim to synthesize the best of the analog world I was born into with the digital world that has since emerged and do my small part to make it a better, more inviting place for all..."

Anna Eddelbuettel Hancock, GS, CBE

I graduated in May 2020 with my B.S. in biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. I spent the summer after my graduation interning with the cell therapy team at MilliporeSigma before starting graduate school here at Princeton.

"As an incoming first year student with limited prior industry experience, this…