TechUnited: NJ State of the State of Innovation GradFUTURES Fellowship

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TechUnited: NJ GradFUTURES Fellowship Description

TechUnited:NJ is a membership non-profit organization that offers opportunities for technology and tech-enabled companies and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and grow to propel the future of New Jersey and beyond. Currently, over 500,000 innovators belong to the organization. TechUnited:NJ was founded in 1996 as the NJ Technology Council (NJTC). Over the last 24 years, the NJTC has established itself as the premiere advocate for the technology community around the region. In 2005, the NJTC helped start a successful venture fund in Tech Council Ventures. In 2019, the NJTC acquired the Propelify Innovation Festival to cast a wider net in the startup community of the region.

In 2020, the organization rebranded as TechUnited:NJ and redefined its mission to empower innovators and entrepreneurs who build a better future for all. Through membership, events, mentorship, content creation, advocacy, talent, awards, and innovative offerings, TechUnited:NJ represents the foremost leaders in the technology community. Our conferences, 8000-person Propelify Innovation Festival, intimate gatherings, and content, create unique opportunities for innovators to propel.

TechUnited:NJ is excited to offer GradFUTURES fellows the opportunity to:

● Learn about the tech community in NJ and beyond

● Help develop policy statements and programs with the supporting data to propel the tech community in NJ and beyond

● Be seen as a thought leader in pressing topics facing the tech community including policy, challenges and opportunities, and diversity and inclusion

● Build leadership skills in a small, but growing organization

● Be exposed to and learn about all facets of a nonprofit organization

● Build their network with top tech leaders and organizations throughout the state

● Participate in all TechUnited:NJ’s member-only experiences and trainings

● Understand the trends in the tech community

The GradFUTURES fellow will work closely with the entire organization including the CEO and entire executive team. The projects the GradFUTURES fellow will be working on are top priorities for TechUnited:NJ. You will not be working on a nice-to-have sideline project, you will be working on a core focus critical to the success of TechUnited:NJ and the entire tech community in NJ.

The State of New Jersey, TechUnited:NJ, and others need to understand how we all can best support the innovation community. However, there is no definitive state of the state snapshot of technology and innovation for New Jersey. This leads to a fragmented community, ad hoc decision making, and potentially conflicting priorities.

The State of the State of Innovation report is expected to fill this gap by sharing major trends and insights on how the New Jersey innovation community is fairing and what more is needed to propel it. The report’s goal is to provide a factual snapshot of the State of Innovation in New Jersey, focusing on where the challenges and opportunities are to better build partnerships and accelerate innovation in New Jersey.

The report will be based on an annual online survey of 200+ individual and organizational stakeholders participating in the innovation community in New Jersey and the region. These stakeholders include startups, corporates, academia, trade associations, nonprofits, government agencies, and others - anyone working in the innovation community.

The associated report will provide a snapshot of what is going well and what needs to be improved for the innovation community to reach its potential. It will also help us all determine where to best allocate our collective resources to support the innovation community. Data will be used to refine existing programs and create new programs and will be repackaged to tell stories for visibility. The report will be built to allow organizations to take action from the findings. Our intent is to limit commentary and allow the data to speak loudest. The data will be presented in a visually appealing report with high production value and through social media and short video content.

The State of the State of Innovation is also positioned to serve as a standalone baseline report and annual snapshot. The State of the State Innovation Fellow will help analyze the data and tell the story. We have already posted the survey and have begun to collect responses through Survey Monkey (an online surveying tool). The State of the State of Innovation Fellow will take the submitted responses and use research methodology to identify trends, the story, and make recommendations on how the data can be used to propel the tech and startup communities. The State of the State of Innovation Fellow will also help draft thought leadership pieces based on the analyzed data.

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Hear from Current and Former Fellows & Mentors!

Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
"[T]his experience helped me form meaningful working relationships with other historians, and has been helpful in framing my prospectus for my dissertation. I am still exploring both academic and non-academic career tracks, and this internship experience was helpful in seeing what possibilities there were for a career outside of academia."
Leanne Clark-Shirley
Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership

"As ASA is largely reimagining and rebuilding its programs, we felt this was the perfect time to bring on a different, unique perspective to help shape our work. Having Pallavi Podapati's knowledge and experience in disability is adding so much value to our work on the intersections of ageism and ableism."

Jessica Dheere '93
Director of Ranking Digital Rights, New America

"My career trajectory is far from predictable, from art history and Latin American studies to internet policy and the Middle East. But art history taught me how to look closely at things and describe what I see, rather than what I expect to see. Latin American studies, including a semester abroad in Mexico and a lot of other travel, taught me how interconnected we all are. In my career and in my life, I aim to synthesize the best of the analog world I was born into with the digital world that has since emerged and do my small part to make it a better, more inviting place for all..."

Anna Eddelbuettel Hancock, GS, CBE

I graduated in May 2020 with my B.S. in biomedical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. I spent the summer after my graduation interning with the cell therapy team at MilliporeSigma before starting graduate school here at Princeton.

"As an incoming first year student with limited prior industry experience, this…