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Our newest fellowship program provides meaningful administrative experience at partner higher education institutions.
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Princeton’s goal of building closer ties to other higher education institutions and community colleges in New Jersey is part of our shared commitment to increased access, social mobility, and the power of higher education to advance inclusive economic development and innovation within our state and throughout the world. Our Higher Education Leadership Fellowships offer you the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from senior leaders at New Jersey’s public and private institutions, as well as with higher education institutions in the region. Based on the popular University Administrative Fellowship program, which provides an opportunity to learn about campus education administrative structures, policies, and strategies through a mentored experience, this new fellowship features exposure to administrative leadership at various higher education institutions throughout the state.

You will receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching while gaining exposure to ways individual institutions fulfill their teaching, research, and social impact missions. You will also gain exposure to organizational dynamics and leadership strategies via shadowing and participating in meetings and/or presentations. The expectation is that the fellowship will be mutually beneficial and host institutions will benefit from the diverse ideas of graduate students in conjunction with meaningful project deliverables that address institutional and community goals while framing regional, national and global education challenges. 

Learning Objectives

Host institutions work closely with the Graduate School to determine the learning outcomes and professional development goals for these immersive experiences and to ensure that you acquire the competencies in the GradFUTURES professional competency model.

  • Participate in a unique learning experience to acquire and hone professional skills and competencies while gaining exposure to higher education leadership;
  • Develop a broader knowledge of the higher education landscape, leadership structures and strategies, and the various administrative, academic, and social impact goals of the institution;
  • Collaborate with team members and experienced staff to produce specific deliverables that address critical challenges and opportunities for the host institution;
  • Receive mentorship from mid-level and senior leaders within the institution;
  • Present projects accomplished during the fellowship to showcase skills learned and refine communication skills.

Funding & Time Committment

Upon approval, the Graduate School provides you with a stipend to fund this immersive experience.  

  • Academic Year: Throughout the academic year (August 1-May 31), you may participate in an external fellowship up to 10 hours per week during a semester (16 weeks) with the approval of your faculty adviser. International graduate students may be subject to additional limitations based on their work authorization.
  • Summer:  With the approval of your faculty adviser, you may participate in a summer fellowship for up to 8 weeks for 10 hours/week. International graduate students may be subject to additional limitations based on their work authorization. Based on Princeton’s academic calendar and applicable graduate student enrollment and funding cycles, these opportunities are generally held between June 1 through July 30. 

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