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Build agency and well-being by taking action to pursue opportunities for personal and professional growth—and experiences where your strengths and interests align. GradFUTURES has dramatically expanded the experiential opportunities available to help you explore various professional paths within the academic, government, nonprofit, and private sectors. Through highly customized fellowships, internships, and special projects, you have an opportunity to apply discipline-specific skills, gain interdisciplinary project team experience, and receive one-on-one mentoring. We offer a range of part-time summer and academic-year opportunities designed to fit your busy schedule—most of which are fully funded by the Graduate School and do not require work authorization.

Featured Programs

GradFUTURES Micro-Internships in Industry

Participate in a unique applied learning experience and hone professional skills and competencies while working under the direction of an industry mentor.

GradFUTURES Pre-Matriculation Internships

Receive one-on-one industry mentoring and coaching while gaining exposure to organizational dynamics and leadership strategies. 

Higher Education Leadership Fellowships

Learn about GradFUTURES' new Higher Education Leadership Fellowships for Princeton graduate students.

GradFUTURES Social Impact Fellowships

Explore diverse career paths and gain invaluable experience while contributing their research expertise within a variety of industry settings.

Graduate Student Professional Development Associates

Co-create programs and events that reflect graduate students' unique interests, input, and innovative ideas.

Community College Teaching Fellowships

Shadow and receive mentoring from a tenured community college faculty member one semester, and design and teach a course of your own the next.

University Administrative Fellowships

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for university administration via staff mentorship, shadowing, and immersive projects.

Additional Programs to Explore

The GradFUTURES Forum

Prepare for multiple futures through sessions with real-time relevance to graduate school that provide a glimpse into a world of possibilities beyond. 

Julio Herrera Estrada
“During my postdoc, I learned about the concept of applying design principles to our careers such that, instead of trying to craft our ideal careers or job titles, we start by imagining a few interesting paths and identify ways to 'prototype' experiences to understand better what it would be like to pursue each one. I like this approach because it takes the pressure off from making the ‘best' move right after the PhD. Instead, it encourages you to try different experiences, learn from them, pick an option, and repeat this process as you continue learning about what you like and don't like, and about what opportunities are out there."

Julio Herrera Estrada, *17, CEEApplied Scientist, Descartes Labs

Joyce Chen
“The press on this fellowship online led to some tenure-track job offers; people were headhunting me because of this diversity work. I’m negotiating a job offer right now. I’m grateful for the platform that gradFUTURES created for graduate students to realize projects and initiatives that we otherwise would not be able to find and participate in."

Joyce Chen, GS, MUS

Funding Note and Graduate Student Employment Disclaimer

All graduate students must adhere to the Graduate Student Employment policy when participating in an opportunity that is compensated or funded by an external entity. This includes participating in internships and receiving compensation from private sector organizations, paid positions at national government labs or research institutes, and research assistantships funded by institutions outside of Princeton. Graduate students must obtain approval from their faculty adviser prior to acceptance of a position and must also complete an External Opportunity Application Form (link found on this site). Faculty advisers may submit a note of support using this form. Additionally, all international graduate students must review and comply with guidelines on the Davis International Center’s Employment Page so as not to risk violating their visa immigration status.