Future Faculty Workshops

Faculty roles vary across public universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges. They can also be research-intensive, teaching-intensive, or research-teaching focused. The Future Faculty series familiarizes you with faculty life, revealing essential skills and mindsets for career success. Through data-transparency, a systems view, and knowledge of resources and opportunities, you can intentionally plan your professional development, while learning from Princeton faculty and Princeton alumni who serve as faculty in diverse institutions. 

    Learning Objectives

    This series is particularly suited for Ph.D. candidates and postdocs who are interested in faculty and/ or independent research careers, and are few years from the faculty job market. 

    • Understand the landscape of faculty roles within diverse higher education institutions in the U.S.
    • View metrics and rubrics that drive (or influence) faculty hiring in diverse institutions.
    • Pursue funding discovery and pathways toward research independence.
    • Explore the range of responsibilities undertaken by faculty that require diverse skills such as innovation, leadership, management, communication and mentoring. 
    • Understand the shared and distinct flavors of faculty life at diverse institutions (R1, R2, liberal arts college) and community colleges.
    • Gain skills and competencies in teaching, service and access, diversity & inclusion for holistic development and professional success.

    Two Tracks Available:

    Future Faculty Workshop 2023: Natural Sciences & Engineering

    Explore faculty life in diverse institutions—including R1 schools, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges—and uncover essential skills and mindsets for career success. 

    • Day 1: Faculty Landscape, Funding and Open Science
    • Day 2: Faculty Life in an R1 Institution
    • Day 3: Grantsmanship, Inclusive Teaching and Faculty Life in Diverse Institutions

    Facilitator: Sonali Majumdar, Assistant Dean for Professional Development

    Future Faculty Workshop 2022

    Future Faculty Workshop 2023: Humanities & Social Sciences

    Check back soon for fall 2023 dates! A working schedule for the event, which focuses on faculty life in diverse institutions, ways it is changing, and best practices, can be found below. Full details will be posted soon.

    • Day 1: A Data-Informed Vision of the Faculty Life in the US and Beyond
    • Day 2: Faculty Life: What does it look like now? What will it look like moving forward?
    • Day 3: Open-access scholarship, diversity & inclusion, teaching & alumni panel

    Facilitator: James M. Van Wyck, Assistant Dean for Professional Development